This is the Toronto architecture gallery. Welcome!

The Toronto architecture gallery shows off the grander side of the city's built heritage. The photographs here focus on historic buildings from early Toronto, depicted in a classic photography style that highlights the European legacy Toronto's first architects drew on when they designed the growing city's earliest public buildings. These portraits bring home the monumental solidity and presence of Toronto's foundational architectural heritage.

But you'll notice right away that Andy's eye has also captured a revealing cross-section of architecture from all eras, in all styles, up to the unabashedly modern. The viewer gains an insight into how Toronto's modern monuments serve as an extension and evolution of the city's architectural history. Bold new angular and curvilinear profiles reflect Toronto's confidence as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

In Toronto, new and traditional forms coexist, often in close proximity. You'll see how that works in these photographs.

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