Andy Brooks Statement 


I wish I was a writer so I could fill this space for you, but my pen is for the most part absent, and heavy when found. 
Nevertheless, an attempt shall be made.

I frequently wonder about the events that have taken place in and around the buildings I photograph. Elections, protests, grand parades after the wars, there have been incredible changes throughout the city and these buildings have survived them all. The classic architecture of the past has a strength that extends to the human spirit and sustains it. Many new buildings today are simply a reflection of our modern, and at times disposable world. The classics are a reminder of where we have been and who we really are.

Pre-dawn is a time when the city has a chance to breath. The streets are peppered with the remnants of the night before and there is a magical hush before the new day begins. I find inspiration in the city's early morning stillness with its endless ability to surprise and delight. Within architecture there is a silence and beauty that's usually hidden by the hustle of urban life. The elegance and grace found in pillars and stone are enhanced by the early morning light and I am drawn to this place in the absence of shadows to create, record and embrace the metropolis.

The beloved classic buildings and landmarks from early Toronto are my favourite subjects to photograph and will always be a key part of my growing body of work. 

 Andy Brooks