This is the Zen Metropolis photo gallery. Welcome!

We hope you'll agree that there's a decidedly spiritual aspect to all of the photos of Toronto you'll find in the other galleries on this website, but in this gallery the spiritual side of the city's architecture is very much front and centre. These pictures encourage quiet reflection (and some of them even depict literal reflections). They offer a brief but concise tour of modern architecture in Toronto that foregrounds geometry and shape, the interplay of surfaces, angles and light.

Some of the world's most outstanding contemporary architects have left their mark on Toronto's urban landscape. They have created – and continue to create – for the city and its people a lasting legacy of striking architectural statement. Clean, sharply defined, by turns laid back and edgy, these modern monuments seldom fail to elicit a response in the viewer, encouraging an active emotional and intellectual engagement with their frank physicality and with the challenging conceptual vision that went into their creation.

See if you can find your own reflections here. These photographs are available as black and white prints in a limited edition of 25. Get more information about ordering here