Black and white commissioned prints

One-Of-A-Kind Commissioned Prints

Creating a commissioned photographic print is something I enjoy doing. It sets me out on a specific mission to create something special for you the client. I also know that once I deliver the print to you I will probably never see it again as there will only be one created. Most of the commissions I have done are of buildings or urban scenes that hold an important meaning to the person who commissions the print or the person who is receiving the print as a gift. All my commissioned work results in a one-of-a-kind photographic print in black and white signed in the lower right hand side and numbered 1/1 on the left. Once the you have taken delivery of the print all files are destroyed ensuring that no other copies can be made. The images will not be displayed on this site or in print.

The time to create your commissioned print will vary and depends on a number of factors such as weather, construction and how the seasons effect the locations appearance. With this in mind you can anticipate one to several months to complete your print.

Giving a commissioned one-of-a-kind print as a gift can be a wonderful expression love or friendship that will last a lifetime.

If the print is to be a gift please keep the timelines mentioned above in mind. -AB-

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