Toronto Architecture and History Tours  Walking tours of Toronto by historian Bruce Bell 

Wynn White  Japan 

Michael Gray  London UK

Commissioned Black and White Prints

Cole Thompson  Colorado

Steve Denby

Toronto Photography Gallery

Tatsuya Sato  Japan

Ed Deasy  Charlottesville Virginia

Thomas Greutmann  Germany

Oleg Kasko  Ukraine

Patrick Donald  Black and White Photography Ireland

Black and white photography of Canadian photographer Paul Politis Architecture, urban, night photography and more

Black and white photography of Ireland by photographer Philip Pankov, landscape, night photography and more No Rules Street Photography by Nitsa

Harry Joy Historic pictures of Toronto and Kensington Market

Black and white photography of Russia by Michael Mironov, large format photography


Canadian Photographers Listing

Terry Murray  Journalist

Picture framing in Toronto  This is my choice of quality print framing in Toronto


Scott Haskins Photography  Landscape photography Australia